Fancy Gift-Wrapping: Wrapping a Book

I saw this book while shopping in a local bookstore.

It’s called Love in a headscarf and it is written by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed.

It looked perfect for a gift, in the sense of being a book AND being pink so I was compelled to buy it for a gift. I decided I would give it to my cousin. And because I am not capable of taking something and wrapping it in the regular rectangular way like normal people do, this is how I did it.

Place the book on a sheet of gift wrapping paper. If you have a roll, cut out two inches longer than the vertical length of the book.

Tuck a little margin of the wrapping paper inside the book to make it neater.

To ensure that the wrapping is neat, fold a centimetre of the end of the paper so that uneven cutting or jagged edges are hidden.

Close the bottom edge of the book the normal way.

With your scissor create a fringe on the top edge of the wrapping. ( You can use a fringing scissor if you have one)

Take a coloured paper strip ( I used a 2cm quilling strip ) and place it just under the end of the fridge to make a label. This is also essential to cover the flaws that arise in the fringing πŸ˜€

You can use the strip of coloured paper to write something; I however, placed a pull bow ribbon on the label.

And there you are! This is it. My cousin loved the way it was wrapped! Unfortunately, it turned out that she had already read the book so I brought it back home. Now, whoever wants the pinky book can take it from me. Do tell me what you think by commenting below and if you like this, please share it by using the social media icons below. πŸ™‚