Let her go, let her go : Farewell nail polish set gift

This is a very difficult post to write. With every word that I’m punching on my laptop, I’m aware of a still, muffled sadness in my core.  It is about the farewell gift I gave my niece Tubby when she moved away to Arendelle, a beautiful but distant land far far away, a land with cold, cold winters where lie Queen Elsa and a hundred Olafs.

Okay, I’m kidding. No-one moved to Arendelle but this was a farewell gift. Tubby has recently been drawn to nail painting and badly wanted a nail polish set; it was almost symbolic that I give her one as a parting gift.

I had an empty beautiful box stored somewhere for eons which I was hoarding for a perfect moment to use (now), which is what I used to wrap the nail polishes in.

The whole process of this gift was plenty of fun, starting from me scouring the entire lists of Color Show by Maybelline. I even made a list of the collections, so that I could make an informed and organized decision when I chose the colours. And Yes, I spent all that time planning (despite Tubby’s mother not being impressed with my research and her advice to stop overthinking it and buy only one since small Tubby would be happy with anything as long as it was nail polish).

Tubby herself kept sending me excited messages on my phone with choice of colours (“shiny pink, light pink, shiny blue”) and her enthusiasm in general.  In the evening while I was having a nap a few hours after above conversation with her mother, I was woken by my phone’s beep. The message was “Aisha anti don’t listen to my mother”

It took sleep-filled me ten seconds to realize that the word was “aunty”.

Since she already had a whiff of what I was giving her, the surprise element (which is very important to me while gifting) was lost so I kept reminding her that her mother only allowed one!

To which she replied “okay can you get one colour from THOSE?”

Anyway so when I bought the nail polishes I made sure that the combinations worked well together and blended to make designs and here they are:

Star Struck

Bring on the blue

Matinee Mauve


Crazy Berry

Porcelain Party

Flower Power

I also bought a remover because what set is complete without one. However in the end, the remover was removed because of aesthetic and space reasons – it didn’t fit in my lovely pink box and the Maybelline bottle wasn’t pretty enough to gift.

In retrospect, even if it didn’t fit I should have taken the bottle along when I went to our farewell dinner party because after an evening of playing and trying out all the colours on our nails, when we had had enough and wanted to remove it so that we could pray, the nail polish refused to come off with Tubby’s Elle 18 remover. I was convinced the issue was that we were out of cotton and had to resort to paper napkins which was absorbing the acetone leaving nothing to dab onto the nail. Eventually, I scratched away the paint on the single nail that I had painted (Yeah I got lucky and painted only one). Little Tubby unfortunately (who had all ten nails done), struggled for ten minutes before coming to me- I couldn’t do it so she went to her mother in desperation. Meanwhile the bottle was becoming emptier and emptier as we kept soaking the paper napkin to no avail which is (finally) when Tooba finally decided to inform us that on that she, seeing that her remover was finishing, had added water in the bottle. 🙄

Anyway we digress. So here is the box and here are the nail polishes.


This is how I arranged them. Although, she knew I was giving her a set I kept denying it to keep the surprise and suspense alive (which is totally true btw- I never lied to her. She kept asking me if I had got her a nail polish set which I truly hadn’t- I had bought the individual paints and MADE the set on my own – haha)


So after arranging it and closing the box I did a little decoration with pink stickers and Barbie stickers.

I then added a personalized card.

Also, I had seen really cool ideas of how to wrap nail polish on Pinterest which I wanted to try out so I had to give one of the nail polishes separately wrapped the same way along with a nail file. Another way of looking at it is that there was no space in my beautiful box for the last one.

I gave Tubby only the single one first and she was so ecstatic. When I finally did give her the entire set she screamed like she couldn’t help herself. (Sort of the reaction when someone tells you you’ll be crowned Miss World).

And here is the rest of the wrapping.

So, this is the end. Farewell Tubby ! May the magical snow-covered mountains of Arendelle always bring delight to you and your mum and May you get all the happiness in the world that you deserve!

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