Nina the First: A start to my niece’s birthday week

This week is my niece Nina’s birthday and I am going to celebrate it by doing what I do best… write about it!

As she turns five, I hereby announce, the next five posts dedicated to Princess Nina!!!!! (Here is where you imagine a drum roll in your head). Here comes Nina the fifth. Drum roll again!!!!!

These blog post series will be the best gift to Nina who can barely read and gets stumped halfway while reciting the alphabet. I’m sure she will appreciate the time Auntie Aisha is spending sitting behind her laptop rapidly punching away a post in honour of her. She’ll probably learn to read by tomorrow- completely, big words and all, solely because she is DYING to know what Auntie has written (even though she was herself mostly present at soon-to-be written stories).

The gifts she received and the greeting cards and her new toys- well- they cannot compete with THIS, can they? Being a subject in a blog post by Auntie Aisha!

I’m sure somewhere (wherever she is right now), Nina is busy calling up fellow four-year-olds with a smartphone and excitedly announcing that she will feature in the next four posts. I’ll bet she has generated excitement with her eight-month-old brother as well. Excitement: contagious.

Okay okay. Maybe not the eight-month-old. THAT is too farfetched, I agree. I will stick to being realistic. I’m convinced that Nina has managed to get a following for this using her “smartphone”. So all you people in Nina’s phonebook, stay tuned to know about Aunt Aisha’s gift to Nina, a birthday explosion box and an alternate version of Incy Wincy Spider.

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